Print Templates

UConn and UConn Health Templates

These print templates are designed with ease of use in mind, to help the University community create materials that effectively reflect the brand. Access to and a working knowledge of InDesign is required to use these templates.

The font used is Gotham; if you do not have access to the Gotham font, you will be prompted upon opening the file to select a replacement font. In this case, please replace all Gotham with Arial. Generic photos are included with these template, please feel free to change the photography to suit your needs. We do require, however, that you retain the formatting, colors, and layout of the templates. If it is necessary to change any of these things, you must obtain approval from University Communications.

UConn Health print templates were designed to result in a strong visual identity for the University as a whole. If you are producing a clinical brochure or biocard, contact Christer Osterling at for more information.