Web Banner

Hosting your website on the Aurora platform is the easiest way to ensure a standards-compliant web presence. Changes to the University’s web standards, including the web banner, will be continually ported to Aurora.

We have also developed a few alternatives for those unable to host on the Aurora platform. Please visit the project pages for more information on each of these solutions.

HTML 5 logo - a orange shield with a large 5


The HTML Banner is responsive and great for static websites and apps. It also serves as a starter kit for developing banner plugins and modules for your favorite CMS. This project is the basis for our Drupal and WordPress plugins.

Check out our post on Banner Rendering with PHP for more information on creating your own plugin.

Drupal logo - large blue droplet with a face


This Drupal module adds the UConn Banner to the top of any Drupal theme. This module is intended for Drupal 7 only.

Wordpress logo - large W in a grey circle


Similar to the Drupal module, this WordPress plugin adds the UConn Banner to the top of your site.