Social Media Resources

Here are some of our favorites tips, tricks and resources:

Getting Started

Need some help and advice as you venture into the world of social media? Check out our Guide to Getting Started. Constant Contact also has a great Beginner’s Guide.

Keep Up With Social

Looking for a textbook on social media? It’s hard to find one, because social media changes so quickly. Instead, look to websites, blogs, and experts who keep up with the latest trends and newest platforms. Here are a few of our favorite sites and blogs:

Designing for Social

Visual content is the foundation of any good social media account. As a social media manager, it’s important to have some basic image editing and design skills. Here are a few resources and cheat sheets to help you along the way:

Shorten & Track Your Links

We recommend that you use a URL shortener for all of the links you post on your social media platforms. Here are three reasons why:

Looking for a URL shortener? There are more than 20 available online. Here are a few of our favorites:

Help with Hashtags

Hashtags are one of the best ways to find and reach your target audience on social media. Use them to organize your content or develop a marketing campaign. Here are three of our favorite, free tools:

  • allows you to search from over 33 million hashtags and find the best ones based on popularity, relationships, languages, influencers, and other metrics.
  • TagBoard uses hashtags to search for and collect social media content that is posted to networks like Twitter and Facebook and displays the conversation in a mosaic of user-generated content.
  • twtrland provides account metrics, demographics, and information on your influencers. View your top content, get a breakdown of your tweets, and more.