University Guidelines

Following the guidelines below will help social media managers develop a successful online presence and avoid potential problems.

Creating Accounts

Social media accounts should only be created for UConn’s Schools, Colleges, and departments. Do not create accounts for events, conferences, or any potentially temporary topics or initiatives. Exceptions may be requested by emailing

All UConn social media accounts should be administered by at least two full-time staff or faculty members. Students may assist with accounts, but should not be the sole administrators/managers.

Before creating a new account, you should seek written approval from the marketing liaison for your School, College, division, or campus.

Note: University policies place restrictions on who may approve contracts and formal agreements. The terms and conditions associated with the creation of many social media accounts are often viewed as formal agreements. Please carefully consider whether written approval from the dean, vice president, or vice provost of your School, College, or division may be required.

Naming Accounts

All accounts created on behalf of the University should begin with ‘UConn’ and be followed with the name of your division, department, etc. For example: UConn School of Engineering, UConn Alumni Association, UConn School of Law. Following this naming convention supports University branding and helps users when they search for our pages and accounts.

All social media account created on behalf of the University at our regional campuses must also adhere to these same naming guidelines. For example: UConn Stamford Center for Career Development (@UConnStamfordCCD).

Note: UConn should always be written with a mix of capital and lowercase letters – never with all caps. The UConn wordmark is the only instance where capitals appear to be used, but this is actually a custom font that uses small caps.

Supporting the UConn Brand

If you create a social media site on behalf of the University, use simple graphics that reflect the UConn brand. Our brand standards are outlined at with information on logos, colors, fonts, and more.

The UConn brand should be reflected in your profile pictures, icons, and other imagery. For social media, you are welcome to introduce color:

Example of all text UConn avatar for social media profiles - UConn Alumni with blue background image and grey type
Example of all text UConn avatar for social media profiles - UConn Alumni with blue background image and red type
Example of all text UConn avatar for social media profiles - UConn Alumni with blue background image and yellow type

You are not required to utilize the UConn wordmark, but please create artwork that complements the brand. Here are some examples of other acceptable profile pictures:

UConn core of campus
Wilbur Cross building with students walking out front in summer
Aerial view of Wilbur Cross building with Gampel Pavilion in the background during fall


Social media is all about interaction and engagement. You can’t share content on your social media sites and then ignore the account until it’s time for your next update. When you manage an account for the University, you should regularly check for comments and questions and respond to followers in a timely manner.

Content (e.g. comments, replies, and posts) that is positive or negative, favorable or unfavorable, must be allowed. As a University, we support our community’s freedom to voice their thoughts and opinions. However, if the content is offensive, threatening, or obscene, we reserve the right to delete content. We also do not allow commercial promotion. Here is the disclaimer that is currently used on UConn’s Facebook page in the About section: We reserve the right to remove content that we determine is offensive, threatening, libelous, defamatory, obscene or otherwise objectionable or violates any party’s intellectual property or Facebook’s Terms of Use. Advertising or any form of commercial promotion or solicitation is not allowed on this page. The same rights are reserved for our Instagram channel.

Be Careful & Accurate

Take care to check your facts and grammar before you hit ‘share.’ The content that you post is public, so never post anything that you would not be willing to see published or broadcast. If you make a mistake, acknowledge your error and correct it as quickly as possible. Avoid oversimplifying or sensationalizing issues.

Any messages that might be perceived as the ‘voice’ or position of the University should be approved by University Communications.

Policies & Confidentiality

It is important to comply with existing institutional, state, and national policies when managing social media sites. Please consider the policies outlined in the Official Faculty and Staff Handbook and The Student Code.

Do not post confidential information about UConn or members of our community. Use good judgment and follow University policies and federal requirements, such as the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Know the Terms of Service

Familiarize yourself and abide by the terms of service or community guidelines of the platforms you use. There are rules regarding the use of images and music, promotions, and more. Social media sites can freeze or delete your account with no advance notice if you do not abide by their terms of service.