Secondary Logos

Secondary logos are marks that are separate from the official UConn wordmark established and enforced by the University brand standards.

Secondary logos are only considered for consortiums, retail establishments, departmental initiatives, or Centers that are not exclusively part of the University, such as the Korey Stringer Institute.

For UConn entities that do not fit fully into these specific categories, the UConn wordmark must be used as the primary identifying mark. Complementary artwork is permissible. Complementary artwork cannot include the name of the UConn entity, to avoid appearing like a logo.

Anniversaries, events, or campaigns can use badges to mark the event, but must not use the UConn wordmark as part of the graphic. These badges should be specific and exclusive to the event, and not used beyond specific event-related materials.

The development of all secondary logos is at the review and approval of University Communications. Please review the official University Logo and Wordmark Policy, which addresses secondary logos.