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Brand Standards


How can I get a custom University wordmark created for my department?

Please contact by email or your School and College communicator.

I created a logo for my department/laboratory/study/grant. Can we use it?

No, but we can create a custom UConn wordmark for you, contact

My department/laboratory/study/grant would like a custom logo with our own artwork and colors. We're looking for a different design that stands out. Is that allowed?

We only allow the use of University wordmarks to ensure that our branding is consistent and reflects our ethos and stature as a top public research university. If every department, study, and lab used a custom logo, we would be overwhelmed by an array of designs that vary in color, design, and quality. We would be happy to create a custom UConn wordmark for you. We also encourage you to contact us to have a discussion about what you are looking for and why. We have found that we are often able to provide different, unexpected solutions to your design challenge through artwork, color, typography, illustration, and/or photography.

Does my department have to use the Gotham or Arial fonts for our materials?

No. Gotham and Arial are required for the UConn wordmark and its subsets and we use them in much of the University's marketing and branding, but they are not mandatory for other work.

How do I get the Gotham font family?

UConn does not have a university license for Gotham, so each department must purchase their own copies from The Gotham 1 set is recommended, but some departments choose to purchase the bundle for more variety. In lieu of purchasing Gotham, Arial may be used.

How do I get letterhead and business cards?

The University has a contract with a vendor specifically for stationery needs. You will need to see an Administrative Assistant or other member of your department that has access to Kuali, the university purchasing system. For student business cards you may contact Document Production Center and fill out the template in their system.

Does the UConn wordmark have to be used on merchandise/giveaways?

No, it is not mandatory to use the UConn wordmark. You may use the name 'UConn' in other typography. Please note that you must use UConn Approved Vendors.

Our group is paying for merchandise/giveaways with our own money, not university funds. Do we still need to use a licensed vendor?


Can I make the UConn wordmark any color I'd like?

No, all UConn wordmarks must in UConn blue, black, or white. Or you can use the two-color option of UConn blue and grey per the brand guidelines.

Can I put the UConn wordmark on any background?

No, acceptable background colors are UConn blue, black, grey, or white. Wordmarks may be put on colorful backgrounds or photos, as long as the background it not too distracting and taking away from the wordmark.

May I add text to the wordmark?

No, if you need to add your department/study/laboratory/research to the main UConn wordmark, please contact and we create a proper wordmark set for your usage.

How do I download a wordmark?

The downloads page has wordmarks for download, select your desired wordmark. The wordmark will download to your desktop or selected folder in a .zip file format. Double click to open.

What file type should I use?

Three file formats are found in our wordmark sets - EPS (vector), PNG (rasterized with transparent background), and JPG (rasterized) files.

EPS is the recommended format for print as it is vector, meaning it can be scaled to any size without loss of quality. All EPS files are compatible on PC and Mac platforms. You may not be able to open an EPS file on your PC, but you will be able to place it in the program you are using.

PNG files are recommended for use on websites.

JPG can be used on PC and Mac platforms, and Microsoft Office applications along with others. However, ESP file are preferred when possible. JPG files cannot be increased in size without loss of quality.

If you are using a PC, you may not be able to open the EPS files, please be assured you will be able to place them in the program of your choice without opening to preview.