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Brand Standards

Husky Pride Logos

The “Husky Pride” and “Students Today, Huskies Forever” logos have been created to encourage the University community to use the Husky Dog logo in different ways to show their pride in being a UConn Husky.

The Pride logos are meant to be used as created with no editing or alteration. The various versions are available for download.

Husky Pride logo horizontal
Husky Pride logo vertical
Students Today. Huskies Forever. logo
Students Today. Huskies Forever. logo

A prime example of Pride logo use is in an email signature. In addition to use in email signature, the logo may be used as an accent mark on promotional products, apparel, or signage. Those usages must be approved by the Office of Trademark Licensing and Branding.

For information on usage, please visit wordmark and logo usages.