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Brand Standards

Purchasing Apparel & Promotional Items

RSOs will purchase items through licensed vendors of the University.

  • As of July 1, 2022, when using USG funds, RSOs must order through John Michael Associates (JMA) - 860-666-1414 x1115 |
  • If the RSO is using their personal/club funds, an updated list of licensed vendors can be requested by emailing or

Club Sports’ teams are required to purchase uniforms and apparel through BSN Sports.
BSN Sports -

RSOs will purchase items manufactured by vendors who exercise appropriate corporate social responsibility. JMA, BSN, and all licensed vendors have been vetted and exercise appropriate corporate social responsibility.

  • More information about the University’s Corporate Social Responsibility initiative can be found here:


  • All promotional and apparel items being sold as fundraiser must be purchased through JMA or a licensed vendor.
  • All fundraisers should be conducted by taking orders first and then purchasing, not purchasing in bulk and selling.


Questions regarding branding and apparel usage for Registered Student Organizations, please email or