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Brand Standards


It is essential that all stationery items be of consistent design and print quality.

A variety of official templates are available for UConn academics and UConn Health (via John W. Gross in HuskyBuy), which provide a flexible stationery system for the University and UConn Health communities. No other means of producing stationery is allowed.

For ordering assistance, please contact UConn’s Procurement Services at (860) 486-2619 or UConn Health Procurement Department at (860) 679-1775 or HuskyBuy at (860) 679-2066.

Guidelines for Stationery Templates:

  • Adhere to correct fields.
  • Avoid abbreviations.
  • Avoid hyphens.
  • Avoid including ‘http://’ in your web address.
  • Avoid including ‘www’ in your web address, unless necessary for the site to work.
  • Evenly distribute words between lines (i.e., don’t leave a word alone on a line).
  • Be sure to use official department/office names and titles.
  • Be consistent. For instance, if you are using ampersands or hyphens, use them throughout.

Guidelines for Stationery Templates Specific to UConn Health:

  • Adhere to correct fields.
  • Avoid abbreviations. Spell everything out.
  • Avoid hyphens and ampersands.
  • Avoid including http:// and www in your web address.
  • Keep the default web address. Use an alternative if appropriate; not to exceed one line on the front of the card.
  • Be sure to use official department/office names and titles. Outside designations are not allowed.
  • Avoid periods between degrees, MD, PhD, APRN.
  • Don’t use UConn Health in the address.
  • Use UConn School of Medicine and UConn School of Dental Medicine.
  • Mail code format: MC XXXX. Don’t use MC-XXXX or MCXXXX.
  • Room number format: AG050. Don’t use AG-050 or AG 050.
  • Use numbers for floors, e.g., 1st Floor, 2nd Floor.
  • Keep the email address in lowercase.

UConn Stationery Template Examples

UConn Health Stationery Template Examples

Student Business Cards

Student business cards are available through the Document Production Center. The redesigned student business cards are more in line with university standards on business cards for faculty and staff, thus providing a higher quality outcome for those students that desire university business cards.

An example of student business cards

The full selection of official stationery templates, including business cards, printed and electronic letterhead, envelopes, etc., is available through the following: