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Brand Standards

Anniversary Logos

UConn is one university with many schools, colleges, departments, and units all under one visual identity. We are all a part of the strong UConn brand, and as such UConn must be the primary brand identifier for any entities within the University. For temporary uses such as an anniversary or special event that will be promoted for a limited time, a special logo can be considered.

UConn entities can use an anniversary logo if desired to temporarily mark an anniversary or event. These logos must not include the UConn logo as part of the graphic.

An anniversary logo must always be paired with a UConn logo which should be presented as the primary identifying mark.

The development and use of all anniversary logos is subject to the review and approval of University Communications.

Anniversary Logo Examples

20th Anniversary Human Rights Institute
50th anniversary Title IX
Women's Center 50th anniversary logo

Logo Exceptions

Exceptions to the UConn logo hierarchy and anniversary logo system will be considered for consortiums, university-wide initiatives, and retail establishments. Requests for an exception must be made to University Communications prior to any graphic development.