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Brand Standards

Oak Leaf Symbol and Official Seals

Oak Leaf Symbol

The UConn oak leaf continues to serve as a representation of the University. It may be used as an identifying mark, a design element, or as part of the University seal. When used as a design element, the oak leaf may be used in its entirety or enlarged in such a way that only part of the oak leaf is visible. It can be displayed in navy blue or black, knocked out in white when used on a dark background, or as a watermark. For guidance, please contact University Communications. The oak leaf is available for download.

For information on usage, please visit wordmark and logo usages.

UConn oak leaf

University and UConn Health Seals

The official University of Connecticut seal and UConn Health seal is the oak leaf symbol encircled by "University of Connecticut 1881" or "UConn Health" and "University of Connecticut". The seal is the formal identifier for the institution and should be used for only the most formal occasions:

  • University diplomas and ceremonial documents;
  • Official documents used by the Office of the President, Payroll Department, Bursar's Office, and the Office of the Registrar.
  • For any other use, please contact University Communications for review and permission.

For information on usage, please visit wordmark and logo usages.

University of Connecticut seal
UConn Health seal