It is essential that all stationery items be of consistent design and print quality. A variety of official templates are available for UConn academics and UConn Health (via John W. Gross in HuskyBuy), which provide a flexible stationery system for the University and UConn Health communities. No other means of producing stationery is allowed. For ordering assistance, please contact UConn’s Procurement Services at (860) 486-2619 or UConn Health Procurement Department at (860) 679-1775 or HuskyBuy at (860) 679-2066.

Guidelines for Stationery Templates:

  • Adhere to correct fields.
  • Avoid abbreviations.
  • Avoid hyphens.
  • Avoid including ‘http://’ in your web address.
  • Evenly distribute words between lines (i.e., don’t leave a word alone on a line).
  • Be sure to use official department/office names and titles.
  • Be consistent. For instance, if you are using ampersands or hyphens, use them throughout.

Guidelines for Stationery Templates specific to UConn Health:

  • Adhere to correct fields.
  • Avoid abbreviations. Spell everything out.
  • Avoid hyphens and ampersands.
  • Avoid including http:// and www in your web address.
  • Keep the default web address. Use an alternative if appropriate; not to exceed one line on the front of the card.
  • Be sure to use official department/office names and titles. Outside designations are not allowed.
  • Avoid periods between degrees, MD, PhD, APRN.
  • Don’t use UConn Health in the address.
  • Use UConn School of Medicine and UConn School of Dental Medicine.
  • Mail code format: MC XXXX. Don’t use MC-XXXX or MCXXXX.
  • Room number format: AG050. Don’t use AG-050 or AG 050.
  • Use numbers for floors, e.g., 1st Floor, 2nd Floor.
  • Keep the email address in lowercase.