Primary Wordmark

The UConn wordmark is a unique design that creates a strong and powerful identity for the UConn brand. It can stand alone to convey a simple and clean message, or be used with the University of Connecticut type to establish a strong foundation and sense of balance.

There are three interchangeable primary wordmarks, including vertical and horizontal arrangements, that are available in a variety of color options. The primary wordmark is available for download.

UConn single logo in blue
Single Arrangement
UConn vertical logo in blueVertical Arrangement
UConn horizontal logo in blue
Horizontal Arrangement

UConn Health leverages the UConn brand to extend our strong and powerful identity across the institution.

There are two primary arrangements, vertical and horizontal. The vertical arrangement is preferred. The use of the horizontal arrangement is available only for limited use and upon review. Requests can be sent to

UConn Health stacked logo
Vertical Arrangement
UConn Health horizontal logo
Horizontal Arrangement (limited use)

Protected Area and Minimum Size

The protected area around the wordmark is imperative, and ensures that no other type or graphic elements interfere with its clarity and integrity.

  • The wordmark should never be reproduced smaller than one inch wide, or an equal pixel size to the resolution you are working in when used for web.
  • X = 1/2 the height of the “U” in “UCONN.” However, type should not be close enough to the wordmark to create confusion with custom wordmarksIn instances where type is used in close proximity, X= the height of the “U” in “UCONN.”
UConn wordmark protected area
UConn wordmark protected area
UConn Health stacked logo - protected area
Protected Area
UConn wordmark 1 inch minimum size
 UConn Health stacked logo - minimum size
Minimum Size